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Our hedges come in multiple, convenient sizes. Learn about which hedge size option will work best for your project, from our 18-24” tall MiniHedge to our 5-6’ tall InstantHedge. See detailed dimensions for all of our different hedge sizes, including root balls.
You have multiple options for the kind of container in which your InstantHedge is shipped. Learn about our standard Biodegradable Cardboard Boxes, as well as the fabric bag and cedar box options. This page will lead you to the best choice for your project.
InstantHedge is a unique product and the planting process is very unlike installing a traditional hedge. This page takes you step by step through the easy process of how to plant an InstantHedge. No doubt about it, it’s the fastest way to plant a hedge.
About Us
Learn about our company’s past and present, and all about how we introduced this revolutionary product to the US market. You can also get a peek at our farm and meet our team of hedge experts who make all the hedge magic happen!
Find out where you can purchase our hedges in your area, whether you are a retail or wholesale buyer. We have exclusive wholesale distributors in some states, and this is where you can connect with them.
See real-life examples of our hedges being used in projects all over the country. These photos are provided by our customers and can be used as inspiration for a wide range of uses, from commercial to residential. You can find customer reviews here as well.
Got questions? Of course you do! And chances are, many others have had the same questions. We know that with an unusual product like our hedges there are always many questions. We answer some common questions here on this FAQ page, so it’s a great place to start.
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InstantHedge vs Conventional

InstantHedge was designed to make everything about planting a hedge easier, faster, more convenient, and more successful. In each step,from planning and design to shipping and installation, InstantHedge saves time and effort and ensures a beautiful, healthy hedge that is finished immediately after planting. Maintenance is simple and requires none of the guess-work usually involved in a conventional hedge, which can often be daunting to consumers, especially small-scale home gardeners. InstantHedge makes the process painless, simple, and instant. Also, see hedge vs fence and know which is better for screening and privacy.

  • Size

    Hedge vs Conventional

    Conventional hedges are typically planted with small, immature plants. This can be a gamble, as the plants may not all grow at the same rate, some may die and require replacement, they may underperform, and they may not all be healthy once mature. InstantHedge means each plant is the same size, the same age, high quality, and healthy.

  • Privacy

    Privacy hedges typically need to be at least 6 feet tall, with no spaces between the plants. This can take years to achieve using conventional methods. With InstantHedge, a thick, full privacy hedge and screening plants can be installed at 6 feet tall, providing instant privacy and shaving years off the usual required time.

  • Time

    Waiting for a hedge to mature usually takes 5-6 years. With InstantHedge, a mature hedge can be planted in one day.

  • Spacing


    When planting a conventional hedge, the designer must decide how far apart to space the plants, which then requires quite a few calculations to figure out how many plants are needed. The spaces left at planting could take years to fill in. InstantHedge delivers pre-spaced hedges in biodegradable, ready-to-plant boxes which are placed end to end. It is quick and easy to calculate how many units are needed. Also, see hedges for sale.

  • Sustainability

    InstantHedge’sready-to-plant box is more sustainablethan traditional plastic nursery pots used in conventional installation—the biodegradablecardboard results in practically zero waste, while recycling options for hundreds of plastic pots can be costly and time-consuming.

  • Design

    Designing with InstantHedge is truly a dream compared to conventional hedges. Simply take the feet needed, multiply by 12, and divide by 40. Even easier –call us and we will do the math for you! Planting an InstantHedge immediately transforms a design concept into reality, with no waiting required for the plants to mature.

  • Installation

    conventional hedge

    Conventionalhedge installationisan arduous process: a variety of tools are required, from excavators to shears, planting flags,levels, evenlandscape waste receptacles. InstantHedge streamlines theprocess, requiring only a trenchready for planting. It was designed to be as user-friendly as possible for small-scale operationswhile increasing efficiency for larger-scale, commercialized installations.

  • Cost

    While initial cost is typically higher using InstantHedge, the cost over time is lower than that of a conventional hedge. When professionallymaintained, the cost of a conventional hedgeis high—considering the irrigation, shaping, staking, and fertilizing over the course of 4-6 years before it looks like a “finished” hedge. With InstantHedge, thatwork has already been completed for you. The cost to maintain anInstantHedge, with its standard annual pruning, is typically very low.

  • InstantHedge isn’t the only way to plant a hedge, but it is the easiest, fastest, best, and most rewarding way to plant a hedge.

By brent | January 28th, 2019 | Instant Design

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