Learn how the InstantHedge process works from field to landscape


Learn more about our process from growing to planting in this video focusing on our Green Mountain Boxwood hedges. Our only container-grown hedge (Buxus x ‘Green Mountain’) comes in 32” long units that are under 40 lbs each. Extremely easy to move and plant, with instant, impactful results.


Floret, the flower famer and internet sensation with 1.1M followers on Instagram - @floretflower, used our European Beech, Schip laurel, and Hicks Yew hedges on the farm. See inside the project here.

European Beech InstantHedge - A Year in the Life

Watch the process of a European Beech InstantHedge from planting through its first year of growth. Wondering how the InstantHedge process works? This shows you how to create instant privacy and design - without the wait.

Planting a 'Hydrangea Hug' around the Garden Library

Watch this tutorial on creating a beautiful 'Hydrangea Hug' around your garden library. Learn techniques for planting hydrangeas in pots and forming stunning hydrangea hedges. Perfect for enhancing your garden's aesthetic appeal with cascading floral displays.