thriving finished hedges many varieties available InstantHedge THRIVING, FINISHED HEDGES Over 25 Varieties Available instant peace privacy finished hedges InstantHedge INSTANT PEACE & PRIVACY Learn what sets us apart from the rest why wait years plant finished hedges now InstantHedge WHY WAIT 4-5 YEARS For something you can have in 1 day? improve landscape garden design new finished hedge InstantHedge LANDSCAPE DESIGNS LEVEL UP Consider the new and endless possibilities backdrop hedge highlight plants hardscape InstantHedge DRAMATIC BACKDROP Highlight sculptures, water features, and other plants contemporary garden plant hedge nature art sculpture InstantHedge CONTEMPORARY GARDENS Blending art and nature, one peaceful space at a time first impression curb appeal elegant garden driveway InstantHedge THERE'S NO 2nd CHANCE AT A 1st IMPRESSION Make it count by using lush hedges for dramatic entries AVAILABLE IN 3 Convenient sizes LEARN MORE

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3 Convenient Sizes

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