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Our Hedges

We know every situation is unique, so we developed hedge in pots options to fill any need. You should have choices! Our boxwood hedges are container hedgesgrown in custom plastic pots, but our field-grown hedges can be shipped in 3 different ways.

InstantHedge buxus boxwood green mountain hedge unit container

Boxwood are the only type of InstantHedge unit grown and shipped in plastic containers.

Cardboard Box

The Biodegradable Cardboard Box is the best option for hedges in containers that are going to be planted within a few weeks after shipping. The box itself can be planted right along with the hedge and will be fully degraded in about 45 days. The roots grow right through, no problem. This makes installation incredibly easy, with zero waste. We can ship 3 hedge units per pallet in cardboard.

InstantHedge beech fagus hedge biodegradable cardboard box
InstantHedge unit planting biodegradable cardboard box no waste

The biodegradable
cardboard boxes can
be planted

InstantHedge biodegradable cardboard box hedge roots growing

The cardboard degrades within 45 days, and the healthy, vigorous hedge roots grow through.

Cardboard Box

  • Direct planting
  • Fast installation
  • Zero waste

Fabric Bag

Our custom Fabric Bag is recommended for cases when a container hedges unit isn’t going to be installed for several months after shipping. They can be watered and sit out in the sun with no problem. They have 4 handles so they can be easily moved around with 2 people. Just cut the bag away when planting as they will not break down in the soil. Hedges in bags can ship 4 per pallet.

InstantHedge prunus schip laurel hedge fabric bag convenient
InstantHedge unit fabric bag handles easy movable long shelf life

4 handles on each fabric
bag makes them easy to
move around

InstantHedge prunus portuguese laurel units fabric bag shipping

A long shelf life makes fabric bags a great choice for samples or orders that won’t be planted within a few weeks of shipping

Fabric Bag

  • Long shelf life
  • Easy to move with handles
  • Ship more per pallet

Cedar Box

Sample displays going into garden centers and re-wholesale yards may want to have their hedges shipped in our custom cedar boxes. They are a beautiful and durable way to display InstantHedges. We have customizable options available as well that are project-ready; perfect for balconies, patios, and rooftop gardens needing a containerized hedge.

InstantHedge prunus Schip laurel hedge cedar box durable strong

Cedar Box

  • Durable
  • Beautiful
  • Customizable

No matter what kind of hedge in pots packaging you choose, we can ship any time of year with extremely fast turnaround. Since our hedges are extensively root-pruned, we can harvest any time without cutting off large roots and causing shock. As each hedge unit emerges, the healthy root system is plain to see.

The unit is nestled into the chosen package container hedges – cardboard, fabric, or cedar – and loaded onto a pallet for shipping.

InstantHedge animated hedge harvest cardboard box machinery
InstantHedge animated hedge harvest cardboard box machinery