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pyracantha teton

Teton Firethorn is a variety of a thorny, fast-growing evergreen shrub with stiff branches and an upright-spreading habit that make it ideal for hedging. Native to a broad region covering southwestern Europe all the way to southeastern Asia, Firethorn is adaptable to a variety of environments and soil conditions. Firethorn (Pyracantha) gets its common name from its long, sharp thorns that run along the stems, making this a great choice for a hedge prividing privacy and security. It also boasts abundant clusters of bright, yellow-orange fruit that cover its branches, which make a nice contrast to the shiny, dark, evergreen leaves. In the late spring and early summer, Teton Firethorn bursts into bloom with abundant tiny white flowers that attract honeybees.


Firethorn Growing Region
  • Evergreen hedge
  • Deer resistant
  • Great for privacy and security with sharp thorns
  • Firethorn Attracts honeybees with white flowers in spring
  • Bright orange berries feed birds through the winter and provide great ornamental value


Teton Firethorn makes a gorgeous evergreen hedge with year-round color and interest. In late spring, this hedge will explode with white flowers that attract honeybees and other pollinators. By fall, bright orange berries will develop and provide color for the landscape and food for birds through the winter.

As the name implies, Teton Firethorn is also covered in sharp thorns that will effectively deter deer and make it an even more effective privacy hedge.

Firethorn grows moderately quickly, about 8″ per year, and it responds well to heavy pruning. You could easily maintain this as a hedge anywhere from 3-8′ tall over time. It is a low-maintenance plant and grows well in full sun to nearly full shade. It tolerates most soils. An application of slow-release fertilizer in spring is plenty to feed this hedge through the year.

Deer Resistance: YES
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Sunset Heat Zones: 3 - 24
USDA Hardiness Zones: 6 - 9
Watering Requirements: Moderate
Growth Rate: Fast
Mature Size: Up to 10’ height and 8’ width
Sun/Shade: Partial Shade to Full Sun
Drought Tolerance: Yes
Pest/Disease Issues:
No serious insect or disease problems. Susceptible to aphids, scales, spider mites, fire blight, and sooty mold.

Landscape Gallery

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  • 116322_140-Pyracantha

    The ornamental berries on firethorn (Pyracantha) make for a showy display in summer and into fall.

  • N0300151_140-Pyracantha-driveway-estate-street

    The ornamental berries on firethorn (Pyracantha) make for a showy display in summer and into fall.

  • N0300011_140-Pyracantha-driveway-estate-street

    pyracantha teton firethorn hedge security privacy orange berries.

  • N1001984_140-Pyracantha-cottage-country

    Colorful fruits contrast nicely with flowering plants in front of this firethorn (Pyracantha) hedge.