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Teton Firethorn

pyracantha teton

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The Scarlet Firethorn is a variety of thorny evergreen shrub—a fast-growing plant with stiff branches and an upright-spreading habit that make it ideal for hedging. Native to a broad region covering southwestern Europe all the way to southeastern Asia, the plant is adaptable to a variety of environments and soil conditions. The Scarlet Firethorn gets its common name from its most distinctive feature, the abundant clusters of bright, yellow-orange fruit that cover its branches, which make a nice contrast to the shiny dark green leaves. In the late spring and early summer, the bush flowers into attractive small white blossoms. Also, see more about hedges.

A row of firethorn (Pyracantha) hedge in full, fragrant bloom during the month of May at InstantHedge field.


A row of firethorn (Pyracantha) hedge in full, fragrant bloom during the month of May at InstantHedge field.


Fall through late winter, the evergreen Teton Firethorn will have bright orange berries that are attractive to birds.


Teton Firethorn hedge with orange berries still on the plants in February in Oregon.

Quick Guide

Pyracantha Teton Growing Region

    pyracantha hedge

    Deer Resistance:YES
    Your Hardiness Zone:

    Sunset Heat Zones:3 - 24
    USDA Hardiness Zones:6 - 9
    Watering Requirements:Moderate
    Growth Rate:Fast
    Mature Size:Up to 10’ height and 8’ width
    Sun/Shade:Partial Shade to Full Sun
    Drought Tolerance:Yes
    Pest/Disease Issues:
    No serious insect or disease problems. Susceptible to aphids, scales, spider mites, fire blight, and sooty mold.

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