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Cornelian Cherry Dogwood

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Notable for its showy bright yellow flowers in the spring, the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood makes an attractive hedge, screen or border for a diverse range of outdoor spaces. The tree grows easily in average well-drained soil and is relatively simple to maintain throughout the year.

An InstantHedge unit of Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas) ready to ship at a 5-6' height.


With adequate pruning, a dense hedge can be achieved with this relative of the dogwood.


Red fruits on Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas) make this hedge different from the rest.


Cherry-like fruits dangle from the branches, giving the Cornelian cherry its name.


First thing in spring, clusters of tiny golden-yellow flowers adorn the branches of the Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas).


First thing in spring, clusters of tiny golden-yellow flowers adorn the branches of the Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas).

Quick Guide

Cornelian Cherry Dogwood
  • Cornus Mas (Cornelian Cherry) tree develops fleshy dark-red cherries in mid-summer. The fruit are edible, but fairly sour fresh off the tree. However, they can be used for making tasty syrups and preserves.

Cornus mas Details

There are a number of immediate benefits to choosing the Cornus mas hedge for your next hedge:

  • Dense tree that can be easily shaped into desired hedge shape
  • Stunning yellow blossoms in the spring
  • Resistant to pests and diseases
  • Produces edible fruit in the summer

Valued for early spring bloom, the Cornelian Cherry Dogwood can be grown as a low-branching, multi-stemmed shrub or small garden tree. More than other similar species, Cornus Mas tree is resistant to many different potential pests and diseases. Native to Europe and into western Asia, the Cornelian hedge can grow up to 25 feet tall with a 20-foot spread. The mature tree’s trunk has a distinctive scaly and exfoliating bark. Also, see Star magnolia, a low branching flowering hedge. Although there are many garden hedges to be explored, you can check out different types of hedges available in a deciduous and evergreen variety.

USDA Hardiness Zones:5 - 8
Your Hardiness Zone:

Sun/Shade:Partial Shade to Full Sun
Deer Resistance:Yes
Watering Requirements:Moderate
Growth Rate:Moderate, up to 2’ per year
Mature Size:Up to 12’ height and 4’ width
Drought Tolerance:Moderate
West Coast - Sunset Heat Zones:1 - 6
Pest/Disease Issues:
No major pest or disease issues. Borers, leaf miner, gall midge and scale are all potential insect pests. Potential disease problems include dogwood anthracnose, leaf spot, crown canker, root rot, powdery mildew and leaf and twig blight.

Landscape Gallery

Features of Cornelian Cherry-

Cornus Mas is tolerant of a wide range of soil types and PH. The hedge requires full sunlight to give its best appearance. Cornelian Cherry may be used as a hedge plant if it is pruned regularly. If left uncontrolled then it develops a wide-reaching drooping clump which makes the hedge ideal for screening.

Growth Habit-

Cornus Mas is a slow-growing deciduous hedge that can reach up to 12’ height and 12’ width i.e. the growth habit is somewhere between the shrub and a tree. With a dense network of beautiful branches, its habit is oval rounded to rounded.


Tight bunches of star molded yellow flowers sprout in late-winter. The small yellow flowers pack the thick system of branches in early spring. The flowers of Cornus Mas blooms in northern areas. The hedge also witnesses ⅝- inch, bright cherry red fruit in June and July. The fruits become the source of food for birds and wildlife.

Landscape Use-

Cornelian Cherry Dogwood works well in small groupings, hedges and landscape borders. The hedge offers multi-seasonal enthusiasm in gardens.

Care & Maintenance-

Since Cornus Mas is a slow-growing hedge, it requires less pruning. To avoid crossing, damaged, or badly formed branches, it is important to prune the hedges once in a year. The best to prune Cornelian hedge is in early spring. As the tree gets older, it is good to prune once every two or three years to maintain its form and shape.

Why Choose InstantHedge-

Cornelian hedge grows slowly but creates a wonderful privacy hedge. Usually, people wish to plant a fully matured Cornus Mas to save time and get quick privacy. With Cornelian Cherry Instanthedge, you can get an ideal height hedge that offers privacy, sit back and enjoy the serenity. Buy Cornus Mas InstantHedge, be kind to yourself and get a quote for your next project today.

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