Blog - Hedges vs. Fences



Why use a fence when you can plant a beautiful hedge? With burgeoning interest in creating sustainable, ‘green’ residential spaces, the use of hedges and living privacy screens in lieu of a fence has become more appealing in designing urban and suburban spaces. Using hedges as a ‘green screen’ offers a variety of benefits, including the lack of general size and height restrictions homeowners must adhere to with hardscape fencing. Most municipalities limit fence heights to 4-6 feet but have no such restrictions on planting heights—allowing you to plant a hedge to any size and standard desired.

Hedges also allow for a wider variety of personalized design choices—from customizable height and width to a variety of options on color and leaf shape, hedging allows a more complete choice for homeowners who want to create a more cohesive landscaping aesthetic.

The installation of a hedge can also provide significant practical benefits—similar to the rural ‘wind screens,’ hedges can shield wind more effectively than their hardscape counterparts, making hedges a particularly attractive option for windier climates.

The use of a hedge even stabilizes a property’s soil, making it an excellent privacy screen choice for uneven landscape spaces, properties on steeper inclines, or with sandier soil conditions—and the use of a hedge is an excellent deterrent to soil erosion, making it an effective choice on waterfront properties. With a hedge, homeowners are also able to control internal/external noise more effectively with the choice of a thicker foliage compared to a hardscape fence which provides visual, rather than audible, privacy.

While a fence does offer a few benefits—namely, the immediacy of installation at a desired height—creating a living fence, beautiful, customizable, and better equipped to meet a variety of practical landscaping needs:

  • Reducing runoff
  • Soil Stabilization
  • No height restrictions in most municipalities
  • Amazing selection of plant materials with seasonal interest
  • Windscreen
  • Reducing reflected heat load
  • Longevity—some beech hedges in Europe have lasted for 200-300 years.
Brent Markus