What to Plant instead of Leyland Cypress…and Why

Leyland Cypress (Cupressocyparis leylandii) is a popular choice for a hedge to provide privacy and wind protection due to its extremely fast growth rate. Leyland Cypress Trees is noted for its fastest screening tree for privacy. The Leyland Cypress is widely used in the USA. However, many people who plant Leyland Cypress without knowing

Cold Hardy Hedges

This is a message of hope for anyone living in a cold climate who has given up hope of being able to grow an interesting hedge: you have options! Yes, cherry laurel, yew, and beech are extremely popular in the Zone 5 and up crowd, but don’t think for a moment that there aren’t

Hedges for Shade

“I need a privacy hedge but my yard gets a lot of shade. Is there anything I can grow? Hedges that grow in shade! I’m desperate!” Sound familiar? This is a very common question, so you are not alone. Shady locations can present some unique challenges. Some sites are very dry, while others can

Deer Resistant Hedges

Top 10 Deer - Resistant Hedges Many of us battle daily with large resident deer populations that love to devour our rose bushes, fruit trees, and generally our favorite and most prized plants. While some small things can be protected with fencing or deer-repellant spray, these defenses are simply not practical for protecting

Laurel Hedges

Laurels are a unique group of plants, and they are particularly well-suited to hedging. They are technically in the Prunus genus and they are not “true” laurels at all! This may be why they are often called “Cherry laurels” –cherries and plums are also Prunus species. Cherry laurels are broad-leafed evergreens, meaning they have wide,

Arborvitae Hedges

Arborvitae hedges are extremely popular for screening and privacy due to their evergreen foliage, dense growth habit, lush green color, hardiness, and ease of maintenance. There are many varieties to choose from, including Green Giant Arborvitae (Thuja x ‘Green Giant’) and Emerald Green Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Smaragd’).

Fast Growing Hedges

Regardless of the reason for wanting a rapidly-growing tall hedge or privacy screen, we have excellent options for any space. These varieties will grow more than 1 foot per year (some can grow up to 4 feet per year in ideal conditions). They are all well-suited to hedging, so they can also be pruned to

Beech Hedge vs Hornbeam Hedge – Which Creates a Far Superior Hedges

Landscape architects specifying hedges for properties most often select European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) or European Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus). The two varieties are similar in many ways, but in our experience, Beech nearly always creates a superior hedge. Beech is available in an array of rich colors, while Hornbeam tends to display poorer color. One of