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Bald Cypress Tree

Taxodium distichum

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A large ornamental tree that excels with full sun and moist soils, the bald cypress trees for sale is a pyramidal conifer that looks like a needled evergreen but is actually deciduous. With diligent pruning, it can make an attractive hedge in a variety of growing environments. The tree is native to the swamps, bayous and rivers of the south, though it is found in coastal areas from Texas up to Maryland and throughout the lower Mississippi River valley. It has feathery, light green foliage which turns an attractive copper in the autumn. The oldest Taxodium distichum bald cypress , found in North Carolina, is over 1,600 years old and is considered one of the oldest living plants in North America. If you want more option then you must check out Magnolia stellata, Arrowwood viburnum & Cornus mas. Explore more about hedging plants. You can also see other hedge types in evergreen and deciduous options.

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taxodium distichum bald cypress tree growing conditions

    Taxodium distichum Details

    Deer Resistance:YES
    Your Hardiness Zone:

    Sunset Heat Zones:2 - 10 and 12 - 24
    USDA Hardiness Zones:5 - 10
    Watering Requirements:Weekly, or possibly more often in containers or extreme heat
    Growth Rate:Moderate
    Mature Size:Up to 12’ height and 12’ width
    Sun/Shade:Full Sun
    Drought Tolerance:Yes
    Pest/Disease Issues:
    No serious insect or disease problems. Chlorosis can occur in alkaline soils. Bagworms, gall mites, spider mites, and twig blight are all possible pests.

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