Using hedges in a commercial space makes financial, practical and aesthetic sense—hedges allow designers to create distinct spaces in commercial gardens for everything from entryways, outdoor rooms, paths and bike lanes, parking, entertainment spaces, even quiet green parks and water features: essentially, in commercial gardening, hedges maximize usable space within a property by creating natural, sustainable, green barriers.

Commercial Gardening

Thoughtfully chosen hedges have a myriad of practical uses for Commercial landscaping spaces:

Hedge installation is an easy and cost-effective way to add value to the property, as well as creating an aesthetically welcoming space through commercial landscaping—additionally, many hedge varietals thrive in a variety of climates. Hedges in Commercial landscaping are easy to maintain with annual pruning and basic care.

Commercial gardening can be implemented on every sized property, from small, private businesses hoping for a simple, welcoming entryway to large municipalities hoping to increase their accessible public green spaces. Hedging plants are also effective for contemporary landscaping.


  • 14508-Fagus-beech-privacy-hedge-country-garden-urban-suburban

    European beech (Fagus sylvatica) trimmed to varying heights creates an intentional screen for this country garden courtyard.

  • 21321-Taxus-hicksii-yew-hedge-border-pond-water-formal-garden-estate-modern-contemporary-landscape

    Dense, evergreen, easily-maintained Hicks Yew hedges are the perfect choice for low, artistic borders.

  • 28541-fagus-beech-hedge-estate-commercial-park-garden-path-sculpture-modern-contemporary-hydrangea

    Beech hedges can be planted in blocks to create patterns to highlight other plants and sculptures.

  • 58216-fagus-beech-hedge-planter-container-garden-fall-color-deciduous-patio-urban-balcony-seating-rooftop

    Beech hedges can easily be grown in planters anywhere, including patios, balconies, and green roofs.

  • 187485-buxus-boxwood-knot-garden-estate-resort-park

    Historic estates and parks can be revived using new boxwood hedges to create classic knot gardens

  • shutterstock_4748848-buxus-boxwood-border-knot-garden-park-estate

    Public parks, botanical gardens, and historic estates can use low boxwood hedges for a simple yet extremely elegant design

  • shutterstock_194471111-buxus-boxwood-commercial-container-planter-street

    Urban businesses gain instant curb-appeal with a tidy, uniform boxwood hedge encircling their building.

  • 212160064-fagus-beech-hedge-bench-city-urban-park-privacy-green-space

    Beech hedges add beauty, privacy, and quiet to public parks.

  • shutterstock_229027474-buxus-taxus-garden-room-fountain-park-commercial

    A peaceful space is created in a city park using boxwood and yew hedges to designate rooms in the landscape

  • shutterstock_265999853-buxus-boxwood-knot-garden-government-park-estate-winter

    Government building areas and universities often have wide open areas for landscaping. Boxwood knot gardens provide year-round structure and interest.

  • shutterstock_689474515-buxus-boxwood-formal-knot-garden-historic-estate

    Historic estates (or new estates hoping to achieve an historic look) always look right with an expansive boxwood knot garden.

  • 1088244587-fagus-beech-hedge-low-border-cover-foundation-commercial-urban-suburban-driveway-path

  • 1156571695-fagus-beech-hedge-purple-copper-path-driveway-country-cottage-garden

    Purple beech is a unique hedge that is sure to make an impact in any landscape design!

  • 1170477094-fagus-beech-hedge-commercial-urban-city-bike-rack-green

    Dress up a simple bike rack by adding a green beech hedge behind it.

  • 1182438694-prunus-english-cherry-laurel-privacy-hedge-yard-urban-suburban-commercial-grass-lawn-private

    Suburban home with close neighboring yards can feel private and secluded by using a dense privacy hedge like English Laurel.

  • 369669836-Fagus-beech-hedge-formal-park-estate-entry-driveway-allee-avenue-topiary

    A driveway framed by trees can be made even more distinguished with a hedge border behind.

  • 383483533-Fagus-beech-hedge-formal-park-estate-entry-driveway-allee-avenue-topiary

    A driveway framed by trees can be made even more distinguished with a hedge border behind.

  • 536097199-Taxus-yew-hedge-buxus-estate-park-min

    A park or public garden can be made more elegant with tall, wall-like hedges like the yew (Taxus) shown here.

  • 00000005-fagus-beech-resort-retreat-commercial-restaurant-landscape-garden-hedge-outdoor-eating-seating

    Even soon after planting, InstantHedges provide elegance and sophistication to a commercial landscape.

  • A public garden can be made more private with a hedge border like this Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas).

  • 00000010-Ilex-meserveae-holly-privacy-hedge-commercial-restaurant-office

    Outdoor eating areas are effectively separated from high-traffic areas with the use of an evergreen hedge.

  • 00000011-fagus-beech-resort-retreat-commercial-restaurant-landscape-garden-hedge

    This lawn outside a business is made more welcoming with a short European beech (Fagus sylvatica) screen.

  • 18740-Fagus-beech-hedge-commercial-garden-contemporary-curve-winter-spring-daffodil

    With sophisitcated hedges, even a garage/storage building like shown here can be made less noticeable in a commercial landscape application.

  • 21353-Fagus-beech-Buxus-boxwood-hedge-modern-garden-design-sculpture-contemporary-stone-path

    An entryway or courtyard in a modern landscape can give an air of elegance with the use of well-manicured hedges.

  • 32440-Taxus-yew-hedge-modern-garden

    A formal outdoor meeting place such as this can be made more private with the use of privacy hedges like the yew (Taxus) in the background. Lower boxwood (Buxus) hedges bordering the patio provide an attractive border.

  • 34918-fagus-beech-hedge-formal-modern-estate-garden-contemporary-curve-bench

    The use of InstantHedges can create definition between areas of the landscape like in this public garden at an estate.

  • 37283-Fagus-Beech-hedge-country-estate-rural-view-grass-field-farm-house-garden

    European beech (Fagus sylvatica) creates a boundary between this cottage garden and an open field.

  • 52199-Carpinus-hornbeam-hedge-contemporary-modern-InstantHedge-garden-design-art-sculpture

    Use a hornbeam hedge to highlight flowers, herbs, and garden sculptures.

  • 00747051-Fagus-beech-Buxus-boxwood-formal-knot-garden-sculpture-contemporary

    A sophisticated knot garden like this can be achieved instantly with boxwood (Buxus) hedges as well as European beech (Fagus sylvatica).

  • 00748645-Fagus-beech-Buxus-boxwood-formal-knot-garden-sculpture

    A sophisticated knot garden like this can be achieved instantly with boxwood (Buxus) hedges as well as European beech (Fagus sylvatica).

  • 01019554-Fagus-beech-hedge-modern-contemporary-courtyard-commercial-stone-path

    A formal landscape can be readily achieved with the use of a leafy hedge like this European beech (Fagus sylvatica).

  • 01452387-Fagus-beech-privacy-hedge-modern-courtyard-urban-suburban-estate

    Multiple types of hedges can be used in a hotel courtyard like this to integrate several layers of textures and colors.

  • 01496092-Taxus-modern-commercial-courtyard

    Evergreen hedges like this yew (Taxus) can be used to soften metal and stone elements in a landscape.

  • 01515190-Fagus-beech-hedge-modern-urban-courtyard-contemporary-fountain-water

    Stone features like this fountain are made more inviting with the use of a leafy hedge like this European beech (Fagus).

  • N0300163_140-Carpinus-hornbeam-hedge-courtyard-driveway-residential-parking-area-cottage-b&b

    Country charm isn't hard to come by when using hedges to dress up a parking area or courtyard.

  • N1004180_140-Buxus-courtyard-country-garden

    A formal knot garden such as this makes for an elegant entryway to this building.