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Hedge Spacing

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Emerald Green Arborvitae hedges are shown right after planting at 10” spacing One of the most common questions we hear about our hedges is this: “How does that work when you space the plants 10 inches apart? Don’t they get too close?” This is certainly a valid question, especially when you consider that typically


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How to Water Hedges Using a Drip Irrigation System Most of our hedges are highly drought-tolerant, but they do require regular water for the first few seasons while roots are becoming established. Additional water may be required in extremely hot, dry summers to keep hedges flourishing. We recommend drip irrigation because it is so


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How to Plant Hedges – A Step by Step Guide There are many benefits to planting hedges, but possibly the most exciting is how easy it is to plant. It truly is breathtakingly fast, with amazing, instant results. There are just a few easy steps to hedge installation into stunning finished hedge at lightning