Taxus x media 'Hicksii'

Hicks Hybrid Yew

This sturdy evergreen shrub is an excellent choice for an evergreen hedge or privacy screen. With its ability to grow well in both full sun and full shade, the yew remains a popular hedge in a variety of climates throughout the U.S.There are a number of immediate benefits to choosing the yew for your next hedge:

  • Lush foliage makes a fantastic privacy screen
  • Stays healthy in sun and shade
  • Grows well in a wide range of soils
  • Its evergreen needle-like leaves take well to pruning
  • With long upright branches, the yew has a distinctive column-shaped habit that creates a uniquely attractive hedge row.

The yew prefers moist sandy loams, but it does not grow well in overly wet environments.

In England, the semi-toxic yew was once relegated to growing only churchyards, where cows were unable to graze on the shrub. Interestingly, and perhaps unfortunately for gardeners today, deer are both attracted to the yew and can eat its leaves without harm.

The shrub is popular in the northern regions of the United States, as it grows well in cool and shady climates.

The yew is evergreen, maintaining a deep olive color throughout the year in many different climates.

With a slow growth rate of less than 1 foot per year, the yew is an easy hedge to maintain for long periods of time.

As it’s resilient to salt and pollution, Hicksii is a fantastic choice for yards in coastal or urban areas.

USDA Hardiness Zones: 5 - 8
Your Hardiness Zone:
Sun/Shade: Full Sun to Full Shade
Deer Resistance: No
Watering Requirements: Weekly, or more often in extreme heat
Growth Rate: Slow
Mature Size: 10’ - 12’
Drought Tolerance: Excellent
West Coast - Sunset Heat Zones: 3 - 9 and 14 - 24; A3
Pest/Disease Issues: No serious problems. Weevils, mealybugs and scale are problems in some areas, as are twig blight and needle blight.