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Green Mountain
Green Mountain Boxwood (Buxus x ‘Green Mountain’) is an extremely popular boxwood. It has great cold tolerance and is one of the most naturally resistant to Boxwood Blight. It is deer and rabbit resistant and grows well in full sun to shade. It is hardy in USDA Zones 4-9.
Schmidt Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens ‘Schmidt’) is a lesser-known boxwood variety but has a desirable tall and narrow growth habit making it great for hedging. It is deer resistant and grows in full sun to partial shade. It is hardy in USDA Zones 5-8.
Box Honeysuckle
Box Honeysuckle (Lonicera nitida) is lovely hedge in its own right but also makes a great boxwood substitute for areas with Boxwood Blight. The foliage is evergreen and very similar to boxwood. It is deer resistant, takes full sun to full shade, and grows in USDA Zones 6-9.
Hick's Yew
Hicks Yew (Taxus x media ‘Hicksii’) is the best hedge for deep shade locations, although it also thrives in full sun. This is a naturally narrow plant, so it is good for small spaces. It has evergreen needles and bright red fruits. Hicks Yew is hardy to USDA Zones 5-8.
Little Simon
Little Simon Arborvitae (Thuja occidentalis ‘Little Simon’) is a dwarf selection of Emerald Green that only reaches 3-4’ tall. It is a great boxwood substitute for colder regions and blight-susceptible areas. It grows best in full sun and is hardy in USDA Zones 3-8.
Teton Firethorn
Teton Firethorn (Pyracantha ‘Teton’) is an evergreen hedge that boasts billows of white flowers in spring, followed by bright orange fruits that feed birds through winter. Sharp thorns keep deer away. It grows well in full sun to shade and is hardy in USDA Zones 6-9.
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Hedges can be used in a variety of ways in suburban gardens:

Using hedges like Green Giant Arborvitae as a natural barrier is a cost-effective and beautiful way of screening in a residential setting. Among the benefits and possibilities:


  • 23878-Taxus-yew-country-modern-garden

    This elegant yew (Taxus) hedge not only provides an effective screen but also creates an elegant backdrop for an outdoor living area.

  • 23881-Taxus-yew-country-modern-garden

    This elegant yew (Taxus) hedge not only provides an effective screen but also creates an elegant backdrop for an outdoor living area.

  • 27796-Buxus-boxwood-Taxus-yew-hedge-urban-garden-trimmed-patio-courtyard-commonspace-preformed

    A shared courtyard at this townhouse is bordered elegantly with boxwood (Buxus) as well as yew (Taxus) hedges.

  • 29878-Fagus-beech-hedge-modern-fall-color-lights

    Late into autumn, the leaves remain on European beech (Fagus sylvatica) for superior privacy in all seasons.

  • 37270-Taxus-yew-hedge-Fagus-beech-urban-garden-suburban-patio-courtyard-summer

    Where homes are fairly close to each other, a well-placed hedge like this yew (Taxus) can make your outdoor space more inviting.

  • 39187-Carpinus-hornbeam-hedge-country-cottage-garden-seating-privacy-gate-spring-hyacinth-daffodil-flowers

    Hornbeam privacy hedges help create peaceful garden spaces to rest and think.

  • 39778-Boxwood-Buxus-hedge-path-garden-InstantHedge-border

    Since boxwood (Buxus) hedges can be maintained at a short size, they are an ideal choice for keeping a clean border along pathways like this.

  • 43812-Buxus-boxwood-hedge-country-garden-patio-suburban-outdoor-dining

    Boxwood (Buxus) hedges used along with brick creates a splendid contrast between texture and color that is quite complementary.

  • 52640-Taxus-Fagus-hedge-yew-beech-country-garden

    A garden nook such as this feels much more cozy with living hedges of yew (Taxus) in the foreground and beech (Fagus) in the background rather than cold, impersonal fences.

  • 52641-Taxus-Fagus-hedge-yew-beech-country-garden

    A garden nook such as this feels much more cozy with living hedges of yew (Taxus) in the foreground and beech (Fagus) in the background rather than cold, impersonal fences.

  • 00850057-Fagus-beech-hedge-country-garden-estate-home-cottage-stone

    With the help of an arbor, a European beech (Fagus sylvatica) hedge can be pruned to form a picturesque arch over the path to a residence.

  • 01019539-Fagus-beech-hedge-privacy-modern-suburban-urban-contemporary-garden-water-pond

    This elegant water feature is made to feel even more serene with a European beech (Fagus sylvatica) hedge for privacy.

  • N1003723_140-Acer-campestre-hedge-maple-modern-formal-garden-InstantHedge-patio-urban-suburban

    Hedge maple (Acer campestre) has petite leaves that make a delicately-textured hedge to frame this outdoor space.

  • N1003723_140-Acer-campestre-hedge-maple-modern-formal-garden-InstantHedge-patio-urban-suburban

  • info-residential-n1005341_140-taxus-gardening-estate-cottage-country


  • 116051_140-Carpinus-hornbeam-Driveway-street-privacy-noise-barrier-screen

    European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) forms an effective barrier between a busy street and a private garden.

  • 116364_140-Thuja-Green-Giant-lawn-estate

    A faster-growing arborvitae (Thuja 'Green Giant') hedge like this forms an effective wall to make a private yard feel more secluded.

  • 116310_140-Prunus-laurocerasus-lawn

    English laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) towers above the neighboring garage to create a beautiful backyard.

  • 117600_140-Carpinus-hornbeam-commercial-driveway-street-apartment-hotel-landscape

    Hornbeam (Carpinus) hedges can be used to form a private courtyard outside this apartment complex.

  • 123209_140-Thuja-Green-Giant-wall-estate-suburban-urban

    The fine-textured foliage of the Green Giant Arborvitae (Thuja x 'Green Giant') softens this stone wall while providing excellent privacy.

  • 123212_120-Thuja-VirescensSuburban-park-driveway-estate

    This arborvitae (Thuja plicata 'Virescens') hedge shows the boundary between two properties in a graceful way.

  • 123213_140-Thuja-occidentalis-driveway-street

    A lush evergreen arborvitae (Thuja) hedge keeps down road noise from the private lawn on the other side.

  • 00557846-Fagus-fence-driveway-commercial-estate-path-sculpture-modern-hedge

    The vibrant green leaves on this European beech (Fagus sylvatica) create a marvelous border for this stone path.

  • 00690651-Prunus-laurocerasus-wall-fence-estate-home

    After a number of years, English laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) can be grown together to form an arch to make moving from one section of the garden to the next more intriguing.

  • 00861019-Prunus-lusitanica-portuguese-laurel-hedge-wall

    The smaller, glossy-green leaves on this Portuguese laurel (Prunus lusitanica) create a wonderful contrast with the showy flowers behind.

  • 00912843-Thuja-Green-Giant-formal-Asian

    A stone walkway is guided along by a Green Giant arborvitae (Thuja x 'Green Giant') InstantHedge.

  • 00933077-Prunus-laurocerasus-estate-wall

    This English laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) shows stunning glossy foliage as it borders a private lawn.

  • 00933193-Thuja-occidentalis-wall-driveway

    The fine-textured foliage of the Green Giant Arborvitae (Thuja x 'Green Giant') softens this stone wall while providing excellent privacy.

  • 01402453-Prunus-lusitanica-fence-hedge-estate-commercial

    Portuguese laurel (Prunus lusitanica) forms a very dense hedge over time, creating an effective screen to any outdoor space.

  • Cornus mas, Hecke

    Red fruits on Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas) make this hedge different from the rest.

  • N0300071_140-Thuja-Green-Giant

    The fine-textured foliage of the Green Giant Arborvitae (Thuja x 'Green Giant') softens this stone wall while providing excellent privacy.

  • N0300216_140-Fagus-beech-hedge-lawn-formal-park-garden-suburban-privacy

    European beech (Fagus sylvatica) defines the boundaries of this back yard while adding life to the landscape.

  • N0300306_140-Thuja-occidentalis-asian-driveway-suburban

    A stone path is bordered with this lush, evergreen arborvitae (Thuja 'Green Giant') hedge.

  • 510585928-Thuja-Green-Giant-residential-suburban-estate

    An arborvitae (Thuja) hedge can be grown to a larger height to provide screening of neighboring second-story buildings.

  • 00000012-Fagus-sylvatica-beech-hedge-country-estate-villa-garden-driveway-formal

    This European beech (Fagus sylvatica) hedge is used to line a driveway and create a formal entry.