Hedges can be used in a variety of ways in a residential settings:

  • Backdrop for flower gardens
  • Creation of “green screens”
  • Streetscaping
  • Lining a driveway or property edge
  • Enclosing knot gardens
  • Creating rooms within the landscape

Using hedges as a natural barrier is a cost-effective and beautiful way of screening in a residential setting that has so many other property benefits. Among the benefits and possibilities:

  • Height: While property owners fencing must adhere to maximum height requirements, the use of hedges in a suburban design typically won’t be constrained to such height caps, making them ideal for creating a secluded space with hedges that can grow to greater heights and increased privacy.
  • Design: InstantHedge are planted at a height of 4 or 6 feet but can be arranged in any configuration and grown to reach any desired height, allowing the property owner a completely customizable landscape design plan.
  • Noise and Wind: Hedges can be effective buffers of noise and wind in addition to being a successful visual screen.
  • Seasonal Interest: With more than 15 varieties to accommodate most climates, conditions and designs, the lush foliage and seasonal interest of our plants ensures gorgeous design.
  • Property Value: When you start the installation process with the highest quality hedges, it’s easy to keep them maintained. A well-maintained, established hedge can increase a home’s property value.
  • Runoff and Erosion Control: Hedge installation also offers certain safety considerations: hedge shrubs are efficient soil stabilizers, making them ideal for planting beside water features and pools as well as hard-surfaced areas—walkways, borders, patios, streets and driveways.