Sophora secundiflora

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Sophora secundiflora

Texas Mountain Laurel

The slow-growing Texas Mountain Laurel is native to desert environments and generally thrives in sunny, arid locations, where it can make an excellent scenic hedge with proper pruning. Each spring, it produces fragrant clusters of violet-blue flowers which create a wonderful display against the tree’s shiny dark green foliage.

The Texas Mountain Laurel is known in its native Mexico, Texas and New Mexico as the mescal bean or frijolito “little bean” plant, though it has no relation to the mezcal-producing agave, and the bean-like seeds were primarily used by Native Americans as decorative beads, not as an actual food source.

Deer Resistance:YES
Your Hardiness Zone:

Sunset Heat Zones:8 – 16 and 18 – 24
USDA Hardiness Zones:7 – 10
Watering Requirements:Weekly, or possibly more often in containers or extreme heat
Growth Rate:Slow
Mature Size:Up to 14’ height and 12’ width
Sun/Shade:Full Sun
Drought Tolerance:Yes
Pest/Disease Issues:No serious insect or disease problems.