Shipping Terms and Conditions


InstantHedge can acquire shipping quotes upon request for specific orders and may pass these quotes on to customers to give an approximate idea of shipping cost.

These quotes are approximate rates and are subject to change.

Many factors affect shipping costs, including current freight rates, truck availability, time of year which may required a refrigerated truck, etc.

Orders with delivery deadlines, residential access, liftgate service required, urban areas, limited access areas requiring short trucks, rural routes, etc., will incur higher shipping costs applied by carriers, not by InstantHedge.

Smaller orders will result in higher shipping cost per plant.

For example, a full truck load requiring one pickup from our nursery and one delivery location to another nursery located right off the freeway with a loading dock that can accommodate a full semi will get the best possible rate. In contrast, an order consisting of 2 pallets going to a building in a crowded, downtown area that requires a liftgate and a short truck and a delivery deadline requiring 4-day transit time to the east coast will cost considerably more per pallet.