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October 2019 – Oregon

> October 2019 – Oregon
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October 2019 – Oregon

Design by Lynne DiGrandi

“”Thank you, you were great all the way through this job. It is spectacular.” ~Lynne DiGrandi”

1 Before

This install called for 563 linear feet to hide a fence and some unsightly mechanical boxes

2 During install USE FOR COVER

It took just a couple of days to install this long hedge with a small crew and minimal equipment

3 during install

InstantHedges look fantastic as soon as they go into the trench!

4 during install

Hedge units staged for installation

After install (1)

A couple weeks later, the beech hedge started displaying its beautiful fall color.

After install (2)

The client was delighted with the new hedge and how fast it was able to be installed.

After install (3)

Now they will have year-round screening with a wonderful seasonal color change.

After install (4)

Beech is an excellent choice for an equine facility such as this one because it is nontoxic

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