Hedges can be used in modern and formal landscape design to great effect— with the focus on geometric shapes and topiary, clean lines and open spaces, modern designs afford an excellent canvas to showcase foliage and form.

With the signature focus on ‘shapes,’ almost all hedge shrub varietals are a great way to demonstrate the clean, geometric lines distinctive of a modern landscape aesthetic. Topiary is used to great effect in modern design, with most hedges easily able to be thoughtfully pruned and clipped into a variety of shapes and sizes—everything from crisp, perfectly angular and geometrically-inspired borders to accents.

With the focus on ‘shape’ and geometric symmetry, the use of hedges in modern design is quite traditional—particularly for those primarily interested in showcasing symmetrical foliage design. Hedges are easily installed in any desired pattern, creating an aesthetic congruence not typically found in other landscape designs.

For property owners looking to create a European-style formal garden, the use of hedges in the modern design manner are a practical and effective design choice—formal hedges are a beautiful way to create significant visual interest in a landscape.

Modern Garden


Formal Garden