Green Mountain Boxwood hedge

Buxus x. ‘Green Mountain’

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A shared courtyard at this townhouse is bordered elegantly with boxwood (Buxus) as well as yew (Taxus) hedges.


Urban businesses gain instant curb-appeal with a tidy, uniform boxwood hedge encircling their building.


Government building areas and universities often have wide open areas for landscaping. Boxwood knot gardens provide year-round structure and interest.


Knot gardens almost always showcase boxwood (Buxus) which looks very nice when interplanted with perennials and other flowering plants.


A formal outdoor meeting place such as this can be made more private with the use of privacy hedges like the yew (Taxus) in the background. Lower boxwood (Buxus) hedges bordering the patio provide an attractive border.


Artistic symmetry can be implemented in a formal garden with the use of uniformly-grown boxwood (Buxus) InstantHedges.


A low boxwood (Buxus) hedge for a formal knot garden looks great with a mixed purple and green European beech (Fagus sylvatica) hedge.


Soft evergreen hedges like this boxwood (Buxus) make a stone patio softer and more inviting even when planted in modern, geometric shapes.


This European-style courtyard appears much more organized and well-kept with the boxwood (Buxus) hedge border.


Whimsical "mazes" are created using a low boxwood (Buxus) hedge and a few other types of boxwood interspersed.


An elegant country garden with a water feature bordered by boxwood (Buxus) hedges and the greater part of the garden framed with taller yew (Taxus) hedges.


Layers of boxwood (Buxus) hedge combine to look like ripples in a pond in this artistic landscape application.


Multiple layers of boxwood (Buxus) hedges can form a sea of lush green foliage among artistic accents in a formal garden.


Historic estates and parks can be revived using new boxwood hedges to create classic knot gardens


Venues like resorts, spas, and lodges can add a powerfully peaceful elegance to their grounds using boxwood hedges to create knot gardens.


Public parks, botanical gardens, and historic estates can use low boxwood hedges for a simple yet extremely elegant design.


Botanical gardens can use boxwood hedges to display other interesting plants to the best advantage.


The clean lines of a boxwood hedge form the backbone behind the seasonal displays of perennials, annuals, and other flowering plants.


This formal courtyard looks tidy with a perfectly uniform boxwood (Buxus) InstantHedge border.


A peaceful space is created in a city park using boxwood and yew hedges to designate rooms in the landscape.


Boxwood (Buxus) InstantHedges can be used to form contours like this by scoring the roots and fanning the hedge unit to form a curve.


An impressive knot garden can be planted in a day using InstantHedge boxwood units.


Low boxwood (Buxus) hedges provide a nice display at the intersection of wide paths in this public garden/estate.


The garden at this historic estate balances the whimsical topiaries near the house with acres of perfectly manicured boxwood hedges.


Intricate designs such as this can be achieved almost instantly with a boxwood (Buxus) InstantHedge!


Nicely-maintained boxwood (Buxus) hedges can help to define angles and boundaries in a contemporary design such as this.


Historic estates (or new estates hoping to achieve an historic look) always look right with an expansive boxwood knot garden.

This charming cottage garden uses boxwood hedges to lead visitors to peaceful resting and viewing spots.

This whimsical cottage garden stays tidy-looking by using boxwood hedges to add structure.

Pool areas gain privacy with tall hedges and definition with low boxwood hedges, which also soften the lines of the stone work.

A boxwood (Buxus) hedge can be kept narrow to create a partition between various plant groups in a multi-layered cottage garden.

Footpaths are neatly bordered in a knot garden style with boxwood (Buxus) hedges in this country garden.

Walkways are evenly bordered with boxwood (Buxus) hedges while the entire country garden is framed with European beech (Fagus sylvatica).

A low boxwood (Buxus) hedge as well as a taller yew (Taxus) hedge can be used in conjunction with one another to create an outdoor courtyard.

Large, sloping properties benefit from using hedges to add stabilize the soil as well as adding structure and beauty to the landscape.

Historic homes and country settings can use low boxwood hedges to line paths and highlight courtyards and patios.

Seasonal displays of flowering herbs, shrubs, trees, and perennials are anchored and united with evergreen boxwood hedges.

Walkways around this pond are bordered symmetrically with boxwood (Buxus) hedges.

The sharp angles of this pond are mimicked and softened by the surrounding boxwood hedge.

Boxwood (Buxus) hedges are the ideal type of hedge for framing walkways and defining paths.

Flowering plants are readily contained within beds by using a low boxwood (Buxus) hedge as a border in a country garden such as this.

Various parts of the garden can be clearly defined with carefully-placed boxwood (Buxus) InstantHedges.

The eye is guided around this well-planned garden by following the lines of the boxwood hedges to focus on pieces of art and interesting plants.

Since boxwood (Buxus) hedges can be maintained at a short size, they are an ideal choice for keeping a clean border along pathways like this.

Boxwood (Buxus) hedges used along with brick creates a splendid contrast between texture and color that is quite complementary.

Boxwood and beech hedges are used in this cottage garden to create an inviting entryway between the front and back yards.

This comfortable patio for outdoor seating and dining is highlighted and softened with a low boxwood hedge.

Artistic symmetry can be implemented in an elegant country garden with the use of uniformly-grown boxwood (Buxus) InstantHedges with a taller European beech (Fagus) hedge behind.

Various plant shapes contrast nicely with the angular, well-kept boxwood (Buxus) hedges in this landscape.

This secluded garden spot uses boxwoods to create fascinating pattern for visitors to ponder as they pause on the bench.

Knot gardens almost always showcase boxwood (Buxus) which looks very nice when interplanted with perennials and other flowering plants.

A sophisticated knot garden like this can be achieved instantly with boxwood (Buxus) hedges as well as European beech (Fagus sylvatica).

Both a boxwood (Buxus) hedge and a darker green yew (Taxus) hedge are at home in this well-designed modern landscape.

Both boxwood (Buxus) and yew (Taxus) hedges can be used to create a type of park in this country garden.

Since boxwood (Buxus) hedges can be maintained at a short size, they are an ideal choice for keeping a clean border along pathways like this.

Boxwood (Buxus) hedges frame the walkway of this densely-planted cottage garden.

Hostas, delphiniums, and other perennials are lovely in the summer, but planting boxwood around them ensures year-round interest.

Create an impressive entry by lining walkways with boxwood hedges.

A formal knot garden such as this makes for an elegant entryway to this building.

In any type of landscape such as this villa, a boxwood (Buxus) hedge makes a nice complement to other plants like the roses pictured here.

Modern garden meets cottage garden in this lush design featuring an abundance of flowers contained by geometric boxwood hedges.

Ferns, flowers, trees, and stone paths are highlighted by the surrounding low boxwood borders.

A clear border is achieved by this boxwood (Buxus) InstantHedge lining the walkway around this outdoor eating area.

A boxwood (Buxus) hedge is attractive with a variety of plants such as the herbs and grasses shown here.

Buxus boxwood low hedge border knot garden vegetable country.

Buxus boxwood low hedge border knot garden country estate.

Buxus boxwood low hedge border knot garden cottage country estate.

Buxus boxwood low hedge border knot garden entry cottage estate.

Buxus boxwood low hedge border seasonal color estate park garden.