Why buy an InstantHedge? How are InstantHedges sold? How are InstantHedges grown? Which hedge is right for me? How do I buy an InstantHedge? How will my hedges ship? How do I plant my InstantHedge? How do I care for my InstantHedge? How do I use InstantHedge in my designs? Still have a questions?

When can Hedges ship?

We can ship our hedges year-round. Our patented growing process makes it possible for us to harvest hedges at any time of year, and our container-grown hedges require only to be pulled from the yard and placed on a shipping rack. Our climate is quite mild, which means plants usually either enter dormancy later or leave dormancy earlier than colder parts of the country. If you are planting the hedges in Zone 6 or lower and are hoping to ship in the fall or spring, we will work with you to make sure your plants arrive at a great time.