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What about Boxwood Blight?

We hear this question a lot. We are dedicated to growing disease-free hedges and have taken active steps to achieve this. We are voluntary participants in the Oregon Boxwood Blight Cleanliness Program, which involves special disease prevention practices and yearly audits and inspections. This clears us to ship boxwoods to any state, including PA and TN. We grow only Green Mountain boxwood, which has shown itself to be one of the most naturally blight-resistant cultivars on the market. We are also in the process of growing boxwood substitutes that have all the beloved qualities of boxwood without the increasing disease issues.

Note: Boxwood blight can often be controlled with cultural practices in landscape settings as well. If you ever suspect you have boxwood blight, contact your local extension office for advice. Disease will stop or slow down spreading if you keep the area clean, thin the foliage and apply a fungicide.

We are doing our part to make sure we never send you an infected plant, but if you find it on existing boxwoods in your landscape, there is hope! Buy Boxwood now!