Why buy an InstantHedge? How are InstantHedges sold? How are InstantHedges grown? Which hedge is right for me? How do I buy an InstantHedge? How will my hedges ship? How do I plant my InstantHedge? How do I care for my InstantHedge? How do I use InstantHedge in my designs? Still have a questions?

How will you ship my order?

Orders ship via truck on pallets. 3 large InstantHedge units fit on a pallet, and 30 pallets (90 hedge units) fit on a truck. 24 boxwood InstantHedge units fit on one pallet rack, and 26 racks (624 boxwood units) fit on a truck. Orders will ship in vented semis during moderate weather or refrigerated semis during warm periods. Small orders can ship via common carrier during mild weather.