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How much does shipping cost?

All orders ship from Canby, Oregon. Below you will find a shipping guide. Small orders have a higher per-unit shipping cost than full truckloads. The prices below are estimates. We always try to get the lowest shipping cost for our customers without sacrificing quality. Within 2 weeks of shipping we will begin to obtain shipping quotes.

Please contact us with additional shipping questions.

Some examples of shipping costs:

The estimated $6000 cost shown in the chart is for a full truck with one pickup (our farm) and one drop (you) on the east coast. This is usually the best freight rate possible for the per unit cost.

Example: If you were receiving 90 units (30 pallets/1 full truck) of 6’ English Laurel to a wholesale yard that had a loading dock and forklift to unload the truck, you would get the best possible per-unit freight price. To the east coast, the per-unit cost for this example would be about $50.

If you are ordering a less-than-truckload (LTL) amount, the total freight would be less, but it would end up costing more per unit.

Example: If you were ordering 18 units (6 pallets) of hedges, and you needed them delivered to a residential location with a lift-gate required for unloading, there would be additional charges for both of those reasons (residential + lift-gate required) in addition to the already higher per-unit freight cost. To a Boston suburb, for this example, the per-unit cost would be about $130.

There are also many cases that fall between these two extremes, where the shipping would run more around $80 per unit to the east coast. To get an exact quote for your location and order size, please contact us!

We do everything we can to get the best freight rates for our customers, without sacrificing quality, but you are always welcome to arrange your own shipping instead.

Shipping Terms and Conditions