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How does the initial cost of InstantHedge compare to conventional methods?

InstantHedge is a pre-finished, top-quality product, and the initial cost is a bit higher than planting a conventional hedge. Compared to conventional planting, the total cost of InstantHedge is typically significantly lower due to the savings in labor to plant, maintenance, and care for plants before they become finished hedges. All InstantHedges have been root pruned a minimum of 3 times prior to harvest. Our root pruning ensures that we deliver a hedge with an incredible root system resilient to transplant shock. The costs associated with replacing plants in traditional plantings is massive – InstantHedge transplant success is around 99.8% – fewer replacements means lower costs. Never mind the fact that choosing a variety and hunting down individual plants to begin with is often time-consuming and frustrating. We offer a great selection of hedges, and our customer service team is here to help you find the perfect hedge for your design.