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How do I know how many units I need?

Calculating your needed units is easy! First, figure out how many linear feet of hedge you want. Second, multiply that by 12 to get that number in inches. Third, divide that number by 40 to get the number of units you will need. In mathematical format:

(LF x 12) / 40 = Qty InstantHedge units needed

For boxwood hedges, you would use the same formula but divide by 32 instead of 40.

(LF x 12) / 32 = Qty Boxwood InstantHedge units needed

Another way to do it is to take your total linear feet and divide by 3.33 for the large hedge units or 2.67 for the boxwood units.

Every 3 hedge units gives you 10 linear feet (eg 6 units = 20 linear feet, 15 units = 50 linear feet, 30 units = 100 linear feet).

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