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General maintenance for hedges can be a simple process easily integrated into a landscape routine—pruning and trimming a hedge contributes to the plant’s overall health and keeps the hedge attractive.

  • Because InstantHedge is delivered as healthy, mature plants that have already been trimmed, a simple annual maintenance trim is all that is required from the landscaper—in the first year of installation, pruning should be kept to a minimum to allow the hedge to acclimate to your space.
  • To increase the height of a hedge, simply pruning the sides and allow the top of the hedge to grow freely.
  • Typically, once a year maintenance trim for a softer hedge, with formal hedge designs or faster-growing hedges typically needing both a maintenance trim and an ornamental pruning annually
  • Generally, maintenance pruning on mature hedges only needs to occur during the Summer or Fall.
  • Cutting tools: use hedge shears for safe hand pruning and a hedge trimmer for more substantial pruning projects.
  • Other tools: Ladders, string for marking uniform cuts, even cutting stencils/templates of shapes or arches can be used.