Planting with Instant Hedge has been designed to be as user-friendly and streamlined as possible. We have a variety of hedge shrubs and trees designed to accommodate all landscape design plans and we aim to make the installation process as accessible and simplified as possible.

  • Type: We offer over 15 varietals able to be quickly installed with a diverse array of foliage already grown, ready to be chosen and installed.

  • Measuring: To get a straight footprint for planting your InstantHedge, run a length of string, rope or a tape measure along the desired hedge space—this will mark where the length of the hedge goes. Make sure to account for a little extra space when digging and remember to continuously measure throughout the installation process to ensure symmetry while planting.

  • Staking: Place stakes at each end with a length of string measured and tied between them to create two parallel lines. This creates a mock-up of the actual space the hedge will need. For an extra line marker, feel free to use marking flags or even spray paint to highlight the trench.

  • Preparing:Once your trench space has been measured and marked, begin removing the sod/dirt under the staked string. You can easily remove this sod by simply cutting it out in chunks with a shovel and removing it to a compost bin. This step essentially prepares your site for actual digging.

  • Soil amendment:At this point in the process, if you would like to aerate your soil in any way (adding peat moss, etc.), now is the appropriate time.

  • Trenching:Measure your InstantHedge footprint, and enlarge your digging area to accommodate the hedge box measurements—keep in mind most planting will be easier with extra room. Once your measurements align, start digging out the trench. For smaller projects, hand-digging works just fine, although a mini-excavator certainly makes the process easier, especially in larger-scale operations!

  • Spacing: Hedges are delivered pre-spaced in their boxes, allowing you the ability to simply place within your trench.

  • Density:Install multiple rows/layers of hedge at the same time to form a dense privacy screen immediately.

  • Filling: Once the InstantHedge has been placed within the measured trenches, mix whichever additional amendments into the soil you removed from the holes (addition of compost, if desired), and settle the mixed soil gently back around the hedge and into the trench. Tamp down settled soil lightly and water.

  • Mulch:After the InstantHedge has been installed, spread mulch around the base of the hedge to protect the newly-buried roots and retain water—a minimal amount of mulch (an inch or two) is sufficient, and can help promote air flow.

Installing already-grown, well-maintained and healthy hedges allows both home gardeners and large-scale, commercial outfits to plant consistent, quality products in a simple way. By eliminating the guesswork and time involved in growing hedge plants to the desired height and health, the gardener can quickly plant and spend more time enjoying the final product.