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Why is InstantHedge better than conventional methods of hedging?

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Traditionally, achieving a finished, solid hedge has required years of waiting and maintenance. That’s because when individual plants are installed, they are typically cone or “natural” shape. Conventional installations can only become a solid hedge after meticulous, repeated shaping. With InstantHedge the privacy and finished look of a hedge is achieved in a single day,

Can InstantHedge withstand the test of time?

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InstantHedge will last for many years if the plants are maintained. With proper maintenance your hedge can last for decades and beyond. European Beech – our most popular variety- has thrived as a hedge in the United Kingdom and Netherlands in the same footprint for more than 200 years.

What are a few ways InstantHedge can be used?

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InstantHedges can be utiltized in any landscape setting, from commercial courtyards to residential screening to municipal plantings. Using InstantHedge in a landscape can add privacy, style, visual impact, or simply be an effective way to ‘green’ your outdoor space.

What sizes of InstantHedge are available?

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Our standard hedges are available at heights of either 3-4 feet or 5-6 feet. Each hedge unit is 40 inches in length. Our boxwood hedges are available at a height of 18 inches and are 32 inches in length. For more information about sizes, please take a look at our Hedge Sizes Guide. Read More

What types of hedge will grow in my zone?

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Refer to the chart below for a summary of hardiness. Additional plant varieties are available, please view the plant pages for more detailed information. InstantHedge Variety USDA Hardiness Zone Range Acer ginnala ‘Flame’ – Flame Amur Maple 3-8 Buxus x. ‘Green Mountain’- Boxwood 4-9 Carpinus betulus – European Hornbeam 4-8 Cornus mas – Cornelian Cherry

Where are InstantHedges grown?

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Our hedges are grown on 80+ acres in Canby, Oregon, located within the fertile and world-renowned Willamette Valley. Our experienced horticultural staff tends to the 50+ miles of hedges with exceptional care and attention to detail.

How much does shipping cost?

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All orders ship from Canby, Oregon. Below you will find a shipping guide. Small orders have a higher per-unit shipping cost than full truckloads. The prices below are estimates. We make an effort to obtain the lowest shipping cost for our customers. Within 2 weeks of shipping we will begin to obtain shipping quotes. Please

How are the hedges harvested?

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The hedges are harvested within a few days of shipping. Our patented process for root pruning and hedge separating allows us to harvest plant material year-round. After 5 annual root prunings, the hedges are ready for harvest. The harvester gently lifts them from the ground and places them directly into their cardboard boxes for shipping

How will you ship my order?

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Orders ship via truck on pallets. 3 InstantHedge units fit on a pallet, 30 pallets (90 hedges units) fit on a truck. Orders will ship in vented semis during moderate weather or refrigerated semis during warm periods. Small orders can ship via common carrier during mild weather.