Rural homes and large estates on acreage traditionally utilize a wide variety of hedges — from creating soft, natural barriers between each distinct part of these larger properties to using well-chosen shrubs themselves as part of a productive garden. These country garden designs are often characterized by garden rooms enclosed with hedges.

Green Mountain Boxwood is often used in gardens at country-style estates to provide a formal look and in gardens of larger rural homes to enclose vegetable, herbal, or floral gardens. Through the use of flowering plants and climbing/vining varietals, traditional country gardens tend to be appealingly practical. The uses of herbal and vegetable gardens in these designs are seen to benefit from using hedges to create the signature densely-planted, foliage-based barriers between garden sections.

One of the more endearing components of country and estate gardens is the use of traditional knot gardens — the careful blending of culinary and aromatic herbs combined within a formalized geometric hedge design. Low Boxwood hedges are typically used for the hedge design purpose because this species is able to be easily pruned to the desired lower height and shape.