Blog - InstantHedge vs. Conventional Hedge



InstantHedge is far superior to conventional hedges for so many reasons—from installation to transplant shock, even to maintenance. The installation process with Instant Hedge offers significant benefits over planting a conventionally installed hedge—and the maturation time, extensive labor demands and general ‘unknowns’ when dealing with the typically used immature plants in a traditional install can be daunting to consumers, especially small-scale home gardeners. Using InstantHedge eliminates most of the conventionally-grown hedge demands, allowing immediate gratifications.

  • Size: Installing a conventionally-planted hedge usually requires the landscaper to use immature, younger plants, which can be a gamble in a design plan with potentially underperforming or inconsistent foliage, or even unhealthy-upon-maturation plants.
  • Privacy: Creating a sufficiently sized privacy screen will take significantly longer with conventional installation—years longer than with Instant Hedge, which can have well-sized and formed hedges installed in the desired height/density in a fraction of the time.
  • Time: Typically, it can take up to 6 years for a hedge shrub or even decades for a tree varietal to mature. Instant Hedge can deliver mature hedge plants direct to order.
  • Spacing: With a conventionally installed hedge, the chosen trees or shrubs need to be planted a few feet apart to have room for growth—leaving spaces which could take years to fill in.
    • We pre-space the hedges being delivered in a degradable, ready-to-plant box—eliminating the need to measure, stake, mark and flag the chosen planting location.
    • Conventional hedge installation typically uses plants grown in individual containers and pots, leaving the gardener to determine proper spacing. With InstantHedge, the chosen varietals are already appropriately spaced and growing in the ready-to-plant box.
  • Sustainability: The ready-to-plant box Instant Hedge uses is a more sustainable, green choice for planting than the traditional, individually grown plants placed in plastic nursery pots used in conventional installation—the biodegradable, plant-able box produces minimal waste
  • Design: With InstantHedge, once planted, a design can transform. Gardeners can create a formalized, mature hedge look immediately after planting.
  • Installation: Conventionally installing a hedge can be an arduous process to first-time gardeners or small-scale and residential homeowners: a variety of appropriate tools are required, from excavators to shears, planting flags, levels, even landscape waste receptacles. Instant Hedge removes most of this process, requiring only a simply dug trench to place the ready-to-plant box in—designed to be as user-friendly as possible for small-scale operations while increasing efficiency for larger-scale, commercialized installations.
  • Cost: While initial cost is typically higher using InstantHedge, the cost over time is lower than that of a conventional hedge. When professionally maintained, the cost of a conventionally established hedge is high—considering the irrigation, shaping, staking, and fertilizing over the course of 4-6 years before it looks like a “finished” hedge. With InstantHedge, that work has already been completed for you. Cost to maintain the InstantHedge, with its standard annual pruning, is typically very low.

Conventionally installed hedges are no longer the only option for creating a beautiful, practical and cost-effective privacy screen or landscape implement. InstantHedge was created with ease and accessibility in mind. Immediate and high quality hedge installation is completely possible with InstantHedge.

Brent Markus